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The knowledge of real value of enterprise is an indispensable element of market economy. It has great importance in the process of investment decisions as it allows to estimate whether it is managed effectively and to assess what is the proper price to be paid as a result of owners change in sales-purchase transaction.

Pricings are mostly prepared in connection with the following processes:
Purchase - sale of entities, organized activities (divisions) or lots of shares
Mergers and acquisitions
Buyouts of control lots of shares / stocks by management (MBO / LBO)
Valuation of private enterprise contributed to capital corporation
Assessment of subsidiaries and related companies fair value for consolidating of financial statements
Setting of loan guarantees / securities on assets or company shares
We use a diverse approach to value assessment, applying different methods in dependence of aim of pricings, market or size of a company. The valuation of an enterprize is made by our company irrespectively of other analyses or as part of the process of Due Diligence. Our main goal is reaching the most credible pricing that can be accepted by all sides of the transaction.

A Wide and thorough set of applied valuation methods (Income, Capital or Comparative) provide every market player with fully credible assessment of the valued company.
DCF - Discounted Cash Flows
EVA - Economic Value Added
MVA - Market Value Added
Adjusted net assets
Book value
Replacement valuation
Liquidation valuation
Multiple valuation
Market comparation