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Before you attract investors or convince a bank to grant you a loan or submit an application requesting European grants, you have to prove that your project is worth their money. How?
Writing a professional business plan.

Remember that not only does the idea matter, but also the way you present it:
Business plan is the key which will help you to open the doors to success. With it you will be able to estimate the profitability of your business, trace your aims and methods of work and what is the most important way you can facilitate the external finance sources
Business plans give you the chance to present intentions, ideas and ability in managing your enterprise
While preparing a business-plan you will recognize all potential lacks and shortcomings of your project, and thus you can eliminate it before entering the market
Working on your business plan may inform you that every project has its internal schedule and time-table. Proper planning of the sequence of necessary activites is a critical success factor of every business


Application for european grant from one of many subsidiary programs financed by European Union is also a kind of business plan. Professional business plan and application conformed to requirements of one of European Programmes is the basis of success in applying for a grant.  

Founding a new company?
Planning expansion of existing activity?
Attempting external funding for realization of business plans?
Do you plan to apply for a grant from European Union subsidiary programs?