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Financial Analysis - The basis of proper business decisions
Have problems with proper assessment of profitability of your enterprise, project or activity?
You are not certain if your company achieves planned or potentially possible profit level?
Want to correctly establish an optimum level of current assets to help keep a safe level of financial liquidity?
You do not know how to correctly assess profitability of investments and how to calculate cost of capital?
Answers for such and many more questions are provided through a professionally prepared financial analysis.


Professional financial analysis is also important part of Due Diligence as a process of versatile analysis of enterprise operating activity and used mainly to its value assessment in transactions of shares purchase/sale or mergers & acquisitions. In other words due diligence is objective analysis of company condition having an aim to reveal and indicate its weaknesses and strengths and show potential risks and threats.

Analysis of financial liquidity
Assessment of profitability
Analysis of costs and revenues
Analysis of profits
Setting and analysis of break-even point
Analysis of investment profitability
Analysis of investments cash flows
Preparing of optimum investment's budget
Analysis of costs of capital
Optimization of structure of capitals
Analysis of financial leverage (gearing)